Corporate teambuilding

What is Corporate Teambuilding?

A fresh, new positive experience aimed at strengthening employees' relationship with their company and their colleagues.

In layman's terms, corporate team building is the process of bringing individual employees together through various group activities to foster a sense of togetherness, of teamwork to improve productivity, communication, and other key business functions.

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Corporate Teambuilding

Please take part in our Virtual Amazing race, which can be attended virtually! Explore, learn and create, and be challenged together as you travel around the globe through the power of online communication.
You are the game piece! Make your way around Singapore and “own” real life properties!
By pushing teams to be competitive, it encourages values such as collaboration, high-level creative thinking and risk-taking, we aim to give your group an intensive event of vigorous growth!
A well known and proven-to-be-fun game, Minute to Win it is a highly established teambuilding quick-time activity. Aimed to bolster rapport and closeness through friendly competition.
Looking to find out more about who you are and how you work with others? What’s your Type? breaks down your entire personality to figure out what drives you and which types you are able to get along with!
You are in a team of the Greatest Vanguard of the Celestial Heavens! The 12 Zodiac Animals have broken out of their cages and are now wandering different places in Singapore! It's your job to work as a team and catch every single animal back before it’s too late!
Incredibly fun and quirky, our Running Man Adventure will both break all the ice in your team while bringing them to new synergy heights!


Farzanah Begum

Senior Officer for Development and Engagement

Ever since we tried to have one teambuilding sessions , we have not stopped since! All our different departments have enjoyed the activities that they have prepared, all from our newest members to our management teams! We will definitely be back for more!

Thank you so much for organizing our teambuilding event on such short notices! So many of our departments are having a great time bonding with each other, we are coming back for more! Also, with so many restrictions to take note of, they handled it with such delicate care and professional standards! 

Jurgen Carlson

Senior Partner and Management Head

Darren Tey

Operations Manager

We had to organize a last minute virtual teambuilding for 40 pax as 2020 came to a close and your Team managed to pull it off in spectacular fashion! All of us had a real fun blast and we have nothing but good things to say about the facilitators and the games!

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